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By Olga

There are so many ways to share your thoughts on the Internet - you leave comments on one websites and you blog about things you like on others... You use some websites to share your thoughts in your videos, and others - to share your thoughts in your podcasts...

But is there an easy way to share your thoughts without getting all trapped in hundreds of websites, multiple communities, dozens of logins, passwords and nicknames?

I am sure I am not the only one who was having a trouble keeping up with ALL the websites I used...

But guess what? I found a free blog that solved it all for me!

It's called Thoughts.som and it's a place** where I can DO IT ALL**!!! No more numerous open tabs and windows, unanswered messages, lost logins and passwords...

This free blog made it so much easier! Now you too** can upload your pictures, videos, podcasts, keep up with your blogs, make friends, start discussions, participate in forums, read the latest news** etc., etc. - all in one place - at this fabulous free blog -!

All you need to do is register on and you'll be able to** use all those great options right away and absolutely free**!
And what I also like about this free blog is that you can actually meet great interesting people there! And when I say meet, I really mean it! :) You can join the commmunity of on their second annual Las Vegas Vacation and meet all your new friends in person! How cool is that? :) The deadline for the registrations is October 12, so you'd better hurry up!

See you in Vegas! :)

Oh, and hope to see your videos and your latest blog updates on too!


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Top Photo Credit: Pensiero

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