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10 Singleton Habits You Shouldn't Lose ...

By Kati

There are some habits you definitely shouldn’t lose when you become part of a couple, but how do you know what to give up and what to keep? Here’s my list of the ten singleton habits you shouldn’t lose just because you’ve got a new man...

1 Cards

CardsPhoto Credit: *April*

You remembered the card, so why should he get the credit? Just because you are in a relationship isn’t a reason to start signing everything from both of you... one of my friends got so obsessed with this that by the end of the day they became a couple, she signed her texts from both of them, and merged their facebooks. You haven’t grown another head, so keep your own identity!

2 Secret Beauty Treatments

Secret Beauty TreatmentsPhoto Credit: ratterrell

Keep your house locked one day a month to shave, bleach and do anything else you usually do. He doesn’t need to see, or know about it, yet, so keep your perfect mysterious allure and keep it hidden!


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3 Wearing Nice Clothes

Wearing Nice ClothesPhoto Credit: FeatherWeatherK

I have a friend who got rid of all her cute minis and clothes when she found Mr. Right, and instead started wearing tracksuits with no make up. Just because you are no longer on the pull doesn’t mean you should stop making an effort!

4 Wearing Comfortable Underwear

Wearing Comfortable UnderwearPhoto Credit: b_alex_b

Don’t ditch wearing comfortable underwear in favour of 24/7 thongs... chances are he won’t notice, and if he does, he won’t care. If your big pants are all grey and nasty, use it as an excuse to go shopping! I have the cutest French knickers, they are divine, and the comfiest thing ever.

5 Commitments

CommitmentsPhoto Credit: Neener1

Don’t give up on the things you love. Whether you buy every magazine available or watch terrible TV, it’s okay. He’ll accept you and watch it with you, or find something else to do for half an hour. Either way, if it makes you happy, don’t ditch it!

6 Sports Rules

Sports RulesPhoto Credit: Tim Kiser

I don’t know any of the rules of hockey, and hardly understand rugby... I just see lots of men jumping on top of each other, the managers getting angry and the referee looking frustrated. And my boyfriend getting angry, jumping up and down and cheering occasionally... Is he annoyed that I don’t understand? Not at all. I watch it with him occasionally, but it’s his hobby, not mine. And he respects that. Anyway, you’ve got far more important information to remember.

7 Green Eyed Monster

Green Eyed MonsterPhoto Credit: E.L.A

It’s okay to hate Angelina Jolie for being beautiful and having a beautiful husband and a fantastic family, or hating Fearne Cotton for her amazing job... you don’t have to quit being jealous, or feel silly for it, even if he doesn’t understand. It’s only natural...

8 Invite plus One

Invite plus OnePhoto Credit: benjaminbrown

Don’t start declining any invites that don’t allow you to bring a plus one, or responding to every single one saying you’ll check with his plans. You can attend some things alone, and your friends will appreciate getting some quality time with you too!

9 Winking

WinkingPhoto Credit: Thomas Hawk

Never stop winking at barmen. It gets you served fast. It doesn’t mean you want to sleep with him, and it’s a tried and tested and proven tactic. Just remember to use your skills to get him a beer, too!

10 The Last Rolo

The Last RoloPhoto Credit: Arciteka

Don’t share your last Rolo. It is yours. The buyer of the chocolate gets the last one. And all the rest. Don’t feel the need to share everything... while most things can be shared, if something is important to you, keep it for yourself. It’s not against the rules!

The transition between singleton and couple can be a nightmare, and I’ve had more then one friend who has gone in wonderful and come out a monster! They usually calm down after a few months, but avoid those hellish transitional months by keeping these habits. They’ll keep you sane! Have you got a habit you shouldn’t give up for a man? Please share it with me!

Top Photo Credit: .andrea.hanki.

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