9 Gift Ideas for an Anniversary ...

Of course it’s fun to get gifts, but I actually prefer to give more than to receive. Coming up with something new and exciting to give my husband on our anniversary is always a challenge. I think the trick is to not focus so much on a physical gift. You don’t have to go all out and buy something fabulous for your man that he can show to all his buddies. The 9 gift ideas for an anniversary that I’ve listed below aren’t all able to be wrapped in pretty paper, but they can all be given with a smile attached.

9. Homemade Gift

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This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be uber creative and be able to make him a hand-thrown pottery mug to store his pencils in. Try to be crafty in anyway you can. Some women can sew, weld, sculpt, or paint in ways that make the rest of us gawk in awe. I cannot do any of these things, but I do bake a mean apple pie. My husband is more than happy to get one for any special occasion, seeing as I don’t bake often.

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