8 Yummiest Treats for Your Dog ...

My dog is like any other dog; she loves her treats! I’ve come up with a list of the 8 yummiest treats for your dog that you may or may not have come across before. Hopefully some of these are new to you and are something your dog might enjoy. Feel free to take a look and pass on any that you think others might also like to let their dog try.

8. Buddy Berries

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Price: $3.99 at amazon.com
Remember to watch your fingers when trying to feed these treats to a large dog. You just might loose one of your precious digits! Also, don’t be confused by the name, since these treats are actually flavored with chicken and not berries. The berry reference is in regards to the shape of the treats. They are perfect for dog toys created by the same company who makes these treats. The treats fit inside the toy and your dog has to work to get a single treat out on his own. Great idea for busy pups!

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