8 Ways to Tell if Your Child is in Bad Company ...


If your child has started to mingle with bad company, then you could refuse to allow their friends over at the house. However, you cannot successfully ban them from seeing those friends outside of the home, because you can’t control them outside of the home, unless you completely refrain them from going out, but then you have to send them to school. So, how exactly do you tell if your child is in bad company? Below, I am going to give 8 ways to tell if your child is in bad company…

8. The Child Has Started to Backtalk

The Child Has Started to Backtalk

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The child never did it before, but out of nowhere, they have started to talk back to you. This type of action could be influenced by the friends they are hanging out with. Kids have an influence over other kids and if your child is back talking along with these other signs, then he or she may be in bad company.

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