8 Ways to Decorate when You Have No Money ...

It’s hard to decorate without spending a fortune -- hard, but definitely not impossible. If you are willing to sniff out good deals and use your imagination, decorating on a budget is not only easy, it’s actually a lot of fun as well. I know that, right now, every penny counts for me, so this is for all of you who want to make your whole house or just certain rooms look new and fresh without totally breaking your bank account.

1. Pick Your Style

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The decorating style you choose is going to make a difference in what you need, what you buy, and how much it is likely to cost. A more contemporary style or a modern style is not hard to furnish, because so many of the textures, fabrics, and materials used in this style are inexpensive. However, if you want something like a traditional French feel, you are definitely going to have to start comparison shopping and bargaining.

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