8 Tips on Throwing a Birthday Party for a Little Kid ...


Birthday parties can be either a blast or an extreme headache. I prefer to make parties memorable for all those involved and not become stressed out in the process. The 8 tips on throwing a birthday party for a little kid that I've listed below are ones I've gathered over the years. Even though my kids are all teenagers, I still remember the days of parties for the wee ones. They were a blast!

8. Begin Planning Well in Advance

Last minute birthday parties are possible, but they sometimes don't turn out the way you'd hoped. Planning things out a few weeks before the party is to happen will give you time to think of just about everything. It's always good to write the plan out and save it for the next birthday party. I always had an ongoing list that got updated and altered from time to time. This made it so much easier to make sure everything got done well before the party was to take place.

Pick a Theme That All Kids Will Enjoy and Let Parents Know
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