8 Things You Need to Channel Nicole Richie's Boho Style ...

If there is one recurring trend that I welcome with open arms, it's the boho style. These days, Nicole Richie is looking like the poster child of this laid-back and romantic look. From flowy printed dresses to messy hair to head-turning accessories, Nicole Richie is the Boho Princess of 2010. Why, we only need to look at the pieces she has designed to see that she lives and breathes this look. If you want to catch a bit of her style, check out my little list of boho must-haves.

1. Flowy Hair

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Well, if you don't have long hair, leaving it messy (but not dirty!) is a great way to channel the inner Bohemian in you. Perfectly combed and polished is a big NO NO. Remember, the aim is to look like you are a laid-back Gypsy who does not have time to spend more than 3 minutes doing her hair.

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