8 Things Men Notice about Women Instantly ...


As soon as heโ€™s set eyes on you, a man is ticking off his mental checklist and working out if he should be asking you out. And most of the time, us ladies donโ€™t even know this is going on! While different menโ€™s checklists will be slightly different, there does seem to be a few points that all men use. Here are the eight things he notices immediately...

1. Are You Smiling?

Are You Smiling?

Photo Credit: Tja'Sha โ™ฅ

One of the first things heโ€™ll notice about you is if you are smiling, and if you are, whether it is a genuine smile. A relaxed, sexy smile is a real turn on, and most men will be able to tell the difference between this kind of laid back smile and a false, uptight smile. So, whatever is going on, smile. You never know who is watching!

How High is Your Voice?
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