8 Jobs You Would Love to Have ...

My little sister is learning about jobs and careers this term, and her recent homework was to find some of the jobs that she would absolutely love to do, and to quiz her family and friends on this too. Well, after thinking about it for a few hours, I can’t decide what I’d love to do most. I did, however, find some jobs that are amazing, and anyone would love…and here they are. 8 jobs you would love to have…you’d have to be insane not too!

1. Doggy Flight Attendant

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Photo Credit: @mands

Have you heard of Pet Airways? Neither had I until a friend flew her adorable dog over recently, and after exploring their website for a while, I found a vacancy for a Doggy Flight Attendant. It’s just like a human flight attendant position, but catering for cuties with four legs and a tail, rather then grumpy, loud and often drunk humans. The catch? There isn’t one. Free flights aroundthe world, and you have time to do some shopping before accompanying more pets back. What a job.

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