7 Tips on Fitting in at a New Workplace ...


7 Tips on Fitting in at a New Workplace ...
7 Tips on Fitting in at a New Workplace ...

For anyone that starts a new job, you are going to have awkward moments that you wish you fit in. Many people in this world have problems fitting into school and their job places. You can take my advice and learn how to fit in at your new workplace. Please read my 7 Tips on Fitting in at a New Workplace…

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Make Friends

Make Friends Photo Credit: .I Travel East.

To fit in, you first need to make friends. You can find friends at the workplace and this helps add to a better working environment. Although, you need to watch some people, because they could be out to get you. Most people are friendly and some are plan annoying and could cause a problem. You need to choose your friends wisely and make sure you don't fall into a trap.


Work Hard

Work Hard Photo Credit: HeadOvMetal

If you work hard, you might get a better position and people will like you more. People that work along with you, won’t like people that are lazy and don't work. Always help a partner out and make sure you are doing your job right. However, don't fall into doing their job for them, just help them.


Introduce Yourself

Introduce Yourself Photo Credit: dawndh

Telling people about yourself, gives them a better idea of how you are. They can tell if you’re a person of your word or even going to be a good asset to the team. Many people that start in the job feel better to be introduced from the employer.


Don't do Stupid Things

Don't do Stupid Things Photo Credit: flynnkc

When I say this I mean to make sure you don't have problems with doing stupid things to fit in. Don't fall into pure reassure or harming yourself in any way to impress people. Always think things through before helping and being off guard.


Buy Some Donuts

Buy Some Donuts Photo Credit: Jennerator

You can bring in some donuts in the morning to make everyone happy. You can do this to make people happy that you are thinking about them. Everyone likes donuts and would see you trying to fit in. They will help you fit in by accepting you. If they don't all like donuts, take them out to lunch.


Avoid Bad Jokes and Being Foolish

Avoid Bad Jokes and Being Foolish Photo Credit: Fimb

Never overdo jokes and make yourself look stupid. Some people don't like people that are foolish on the job. They look at you as a foolish person and avoid you. Your work buddies can also make fun of you for being a bad joke teller or get you into trouble for foolish mistakes.


Be Yourself

Be Yourself Photo Credit: Von Bui

My favorite part in the movie Disney Aladdin is when the Genie says to Aladdin "beeee yourself". He said this when he was a bee and it is a meaningful quote. Be yourself at work and people will like you. Never try to pose as someone else or to be someone you're not. This always will blow up in your face and make you look foolish.

When you try to fit into a new work place, it will be hard to do and this is depending on the type of people that you work with. Many people in this world shouldn't be trusted and it's hard to find some friends that won't backstab you or be 100 percent behind you. Did these tips work for you?

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Having friends is very essential as they can be the support system.

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