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If you believe the media, children and teenagers these days only aspire to becoming famous, regardless of how it’s achieved. More and more we see examples of people becoming well-known even if they have no discernable talent, and for some strange reason they are looked up to. Here are some of the careers I consider genuinely admirable – even if they don’t make you famous.

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Paramedic Image source: ci.vallejo.ca.us

They work unsociable hours, save lives, get abuse and don’t even get paid that much. These days, paramedics spend much of their time dealing with the result of self-inflicted damage by drunks. Yet these guys are the first on the scene and without their rapid response, many lives would be lost.



Fireman Image source: s3prod.weheartit.netdna-cdn.com

I once saw a fireman rescuing a cat. How great was that – my two favourite things! Seriously, though, these guys really do risk their lives to save others. I love them!



Teacher Image source: s2.hubimg.com

There are good teachers and not-so-good teachers, and a few that are truly inspirational. A good teacher can really influence the course of your life. It’s a very undervalued profession, but sadly many in the UK have become disillusioned, as they are given little respect and not allowed to enforce discipline.



Paediatrician Image source: farm2.static.flickr.com

There’s something very cruel about children and babies being struck by serious, even life-threatening illnesses. It’s not something that everyone could cope with in their professional life. So anyone who can dedicate themselves to trying to save premature babies and very sick children is an admirable person.



Surgeon Image source: codingnews.inhealthcare.com

It’s thanks to the skill of surgeons that my sister and I are both alive today. Whatever their speciality, surgeons do some incredible work, and I am constantly amazed at what they can achieve.



Counsellor Image source: cbc.ca

Many of us will have problems at some point in our lives when we can benefit from talking things over with an impartial person. Counselling can really make a massive difference to someone’s life, providing they are committed to change.



Politician Image source: storage1.censor.net.ua

This might seem an odd choice, and on the whole there are very few politicians that I genuinely admire. Yet even in these times of political self-interest, there are still a minority who are sincerely dedicated to public service, particularly on a local level.


Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare Image source: oysterworldwide.com

What better way to make a living than doing something you believe in? For most of us, supporting and working for animal rights and welfare is something we do in our spare time. Those who make it their career, such as vets and campaigners, do a great job to help those who cannot speak for themselves.



Caring Image source: pacinomania.ru

Caring is not a well-paid profession, nor one with great prospects, yet many people do the job simply because they like working with clients and helping them to live a more comfortable life. It’s not something I could do. Could you?

What professions do you admire? Do you despair at the lack of ambition today’s youngsters seem to show? Is there a career that you always wish you’d followed?

Top Photo Credit: powerbook.blog

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You forgot artists. Of any type. Having the ability to move a person, to change how they think, to tell the word what you believe in...that's beautiful.

U forgot the urban designers n the city planners

aw, i love that number eight and nine are mentioned on here! they're usually (from what i've seen) the most forgotten when it comes to important jobs! great list!

I have most respect for firefighters

You forgot to the mention us real musicians.

what about nurses :(

Those are so true.

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