8 Cool Electronic Devices ...

I’m amazed at how fast technology changes each month. There are always new devices popping up and each one has more features than the last version. I’ve done some searching and came up with a list of 8 cool electronic devices that I was intrigued with. There’s a short description with each one, as well as a link to direct you to where you can buy one of your very own.

8. Drivemocion EX Series LED Car Sign

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Price: $29.99 at thinkgeek.com
I think this is a creative way to show how you really feel when you’re driving. This little digital sign is designed to hang in the back window of a vehicle and will display up to 16 different messages and faces. It is remote controlled and can be used to tell tailgaters that they are too close, apologize if you accidentally cut someone off in traffic, and even tell someone to have a nice day. It runs off of 4 AA batteries and is supposed to last about 4 months. The downfall is that some state laws don’t allow this device to be used.

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