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Even in a fashion crazed metropolis like New York City, where models, socialites, and wealthy financiers party at the most fabulous of night clubs; dressing in fashions seen on the runway and in magazines is sometimes just not practical.** Meet Tatyana Danilchenko**, a super model in her own right, she has appeared in numerous Old Navy commercials, modeled for top designers, and was featured in an Ugly Betty episode. I managed to catch up with the traveling beauty and get the inside scoop on ways even you can go from runway to real life. Her responses may surprise you as she believes that the secret to runway fashion is STYLE… she encourages women to find, create, and own their individual sense of style. “Style is developed,” she says. “The more you surround yourself in fashion, the more confident you will become in your clothing choices. You will develop a taste of what you like, what makes you feel good, what makes you look good...”

1. What is the Biggest Fashion Faux Pas?

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Tatyana: What bothers me most is when women feel the need to buy an entire collection from a store and wear it all at the same time… that is not style, that definitely is a fashion faux-pas. Style is not wearing all brand names all at once, but pairing one awesome vintage piece with something basic or even something basic with something brand name. You have to be open to experimentation.

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