7 Reasons NOT to Have an Affair ...


It seems every few days we’re learning of some public official’s or celebrity’s affair. Years ago, these affairs could mean the end of their political career, or their celebrity endorsement deals, but now marital disloyalty is almost commonplace, not nearly as shocking as it used to be. Some of us, stuck in an unhappy or less-than-exciting marriage may be tempted to have an affair, since we see so few repercussions in the public arena, but that’s just such a bad idea. First of all, we don’t see the terribly painful side effects of those revealed affairs, but believe me, they’re there. The fall-out from an exposed affair can be devastating, altering the course of the rest of your life! So before you sneak off with that hottie from the marketing department, or your daughter’s soccer coach, here are some things to consider. Here are 7 reasons NOT to have an affair.

1. It’s Illegal

Did you know that cheating on your spouse, or helping someone else cheat on their spouse, is actually illegal? In some states, it’s even possible to sue the other man or woman for alienation of affection. Why risk breaking the law, or being sued in civil court? Don’t cheat, and don’t help someone else cheat.

It’s Immoral
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