7 Pretty Wind Chimes ...


There’s really nothing quite like the delicate, pretty tinkle of a wind chime to announce a breeze on your patio or in your garden. My favorite chimes are the kind that give a gentle, tranquil sound, but there are so many chimes with so many types of sounds. With summer nearly at an end, I’ve been looking for a new set of chimes to replace a set I lost in a storm, and I’ve found so many I love, I’m not sure yet which to buy… here’s my list of 7 pretty wind chimes…

1. Pachelbel’s Canon in D Wind Chime

Pachelbel’s Canon in D Wind Chime

Price: $39.99 at signals.com

What if you could hear one of your favorite pieces of classical music each time the wind blows? That’s exactly what happens when this wind chime is hit with a breeze… all six tubes are tuned to play notes from Pachelbel’s beloved “Canon in D.” So gorgeous!

Personal Wind Chime
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