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7 Pretty Finials ...

By Jennifer

I’m a little OCD about room coordination and décor, a firm believer in perfect matching and careful contrasting. Whenever I can find a piece of décor or hardware that compliments and completes my décor, I’m tickled… so when I discovered that Anthropologie sells finials to match their curtains and rods, I had to take a peek. And I’m so glad I did — they’re gorgeous! Here are 7 pretty finials.

1 Anthropologie Melon Finials

Anthropologie Melon Finials Price: $ 38.00 at
Available with iron (pictured), brass, or silver hardware, in cream, green, blue, or yellow, these chubby melon-shaped finials are made of heavy ceramic, and are come in sets of two. They’re 2¼ inches in diameter, and come with a half-inch attached bolt. They’re ideal for using with printed curtains, since they’re so neutral, but they still make quite a style statement.

2 Anthropologie Gardening Indoors Finials

Anthropologie Gardening Indoors Finials Price: $38.00 at
Bring the spring-time splendor of your garden indoors to enjoy all year round with these beautiful ceramic and iron finials, available with iron, brass, or silver hardware, with a navy and green floral motif, or orange and red. They’re made of ceramic and measure 2 inches across.

3 Anthropologie Rosy Finials

Anthropologie Rosy Finials Price: $38.00 at
These very realistic ceramic roses would be ideal for finishing a rod in a sunroom, a sitting room, or a bedroom, anywhere a little extra feminine touch is needed. They come in three soft colors (cream, yellow, or pink) and two hardware finishes (iron or silver). They’re sizeable, measuring 2¼ inches across, sure to be noticed and admired from across the room.

4 Anthropologie Urchin Finials

Anthropologie Urchin Finials Price: $38.00 at
These beautiful sea-life shaped finials come in three coral-reef colors (pink, cream, and blue) in two hardware finishes (iron or silver), adding another layer to your marine motif room. There’s an entire range of coordinating hardware in this collection, from drawer pulls to handles, so if you like this look, check those out, too!

5 Anthropologie Capricious Finials

Anthropologie Capricious Finials Price: $48.00 at
Add a touch of whimsy to a window treatment with these curvy, colorful mercury glass finials. They’re hand-painted, so no two are identical, but they’re gorgeous, delightful. They measure 6 inches long, and come with an attached ¾ inch bolt for mounting.

6 Anthropologie Oeuf Glass Finials

Anthropologie Oeuf Glass Finials Price: $40.00 at
The word “oeuf” (pronounced “oof”) is French for “egg,” which perfectly describes the gorgeous round shape of these clear glass finials. Choose your hardware finish from brushed iron, bright pewter, or antiqued brass, and use these to highlight your cottage-style curtains.

7 Anthropologie Daisy Finials

Anthropologie Daisy Finials Price: $38.00 at
Choose from iron or silver hardware, and add a blush of pale-pink prettiness to your window treatments with these sweet glass finials. They measured a generous, eye-catching 3 inches in diameter, and come with a half-inch attached bolt. Use these in a nursery or little girl’s room… aren’t they lovely?

With so many pretty finials to choose from, in so many styles and colors and finishes, there’s bound ot be one to fit every décor in your home! Which of these finials do you like best, and where would you use it? Do share!

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