7 Cute Kitschy Lamps ...


7 Cute Kitschy Lamps ...
7 Cute Kitschy Lamps ...

Sometimes, when you’ve just finished decorating a room, you find that it’s missing… something… and you’re not sure what. A toss pillow? A piece of wall art? Before you spend too much on adding too many new pieces, try a cute, kitschy lamp… you’ll be surprised how much va-voom one can add to a room! Not sure what I mean? Keep reading! Here are 7 cute, kitschy lamps to consider.

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Day to Night Solar-Powered Lanterns

Day to Night Solar-Powered Lanterns Price: $10.99 at modcloth.com
These retro-inspired lamps come in four fun, bright colors: pink, green, yellow, and white. Use them all in one color, or mix-and-match! They’re solar-powered, so there’s no fuss with batteries or plugs, and they can be used indoors or out (but you’ll want to bring them inside when your summer party is over).


The Light Stuff Lamp

Price: $119.99 at modcloth.com
I can’t say whether I like the grey and white chrysanthemum print or the long, lean silhouette of this plug-in lamp better, but I suppose it doesn’t matter, since really I don’t have to choose just one! In fact, I also adore the gold-hued background, and the silver and wood trim, too!


Shining Shiitake Lamp Set

Shining Shiitake Lamp Set Price: $17.99 at modcloth.com
This trio of fun guys (get it? Fungis?) are sure to add cheer to any room! Add them together to a side table to make a reading space, or to a bookcase for a little extra glow. Use them together, or scatter them across a room… either way, they’re adorable and oh-so-kitschy!


Laughing Willow Lamp

Laughing Willow Lamp Price: $49.99 at modcloth.com
This pretty lamp is somewhat customizable, with a neck that’s made to be bent to your whim. The faux flowers cascade to make a versatile shade, as well as adding a touch of girly-ness to even the most utilitarian décor.


Cham-plain Supernova Floor Lamp

Cham-plain Supernova Floor Lamp Price: $184.99 at modcloth.com
What a cool, kitschy floor lamp! Wands of light stick out from a ball, every which way, like the rays of the sun, adding light and whimsy to any room. Stand it behind a chair for extra reading light, or in the corner to provide some glow.


Talk of the Trails Lamp

Talk of the Trails Lamp Price: $49.99 at modcloth.com
If you prefer a retro outdoorsy look, then perhaps this is the lamp for you, designed to look like a classic little Coleman kerosene lamp. This one’s made of neutral ceramic, lit from within by a tiny bulb in the base. It measures almost a foot high, and takes a 40 watt “B” bulb or lower.


Nocturn-owl Lifestyle Lamp

Nocturn-owl Lifestyle Lamp Price: $56.99 at modcloth.com
Since charming Mr. Owl is nocturnal, he would love to shine some light for your night-time reading. He’s made of pale porcelain with clever cut-outs and a sweet little expression on his face. He measures 9 inches tall and provides illumination with a 40 watt “B” bulb or lower.

Aren’t those lamps just too much? Imagine how much style they can add to a room. I especially adore the little owl… he’s so cute! Which of these cute, kitschy lamps do you like best, and where would you use it?

Top image source: data.whicdn.com

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I love the owl, I have been obsessed with them lately! Love the retro latern too! :)

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