7 Makeup Tools You Must Have to do Your Makeup like a Pro ...

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have your make-up done by a professional every day? However, having a MAC artist beatifying you on daily basis doesn’t come cheap so most of us ladies will just have to settle with the next best thing, and that’s watching tutorials and figuring out to how to do it by ourselves! And the truth is that you really can do your make-up like a professional artist, you just need some practice and, of course, a few good make-up tools. So here’s the list of the most essential ones any girl wanting her make-up done perfectly should have.

1. Soft Eye Shadow Brush

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This is one of the basic tools you just can’t afford not to have. Now, many of my friends prefer to use those spongy applicators instead but the effect is not nearly the same. You see, although the brush seems less precise and harder to get used to, if you want that even, silky effect, this is the tool for you. Using your fingers is a no-no unless you are a six-year-old, and a sponge applicator is only good for creating a smudgy effect, so do invest in this brush. You will love it!

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