7 Cute Cell Phone Charms ...


If you have a cell phone (who doesn’t?), you’ve probably looked at it once or twice and wondered how you could make it more your own… maybe a cute case? A new ringtone? Or maybe a cute cell phone charm! I think they’re a lot of fun, and are a great way to set your phone apart from the rest. And there seem to be so many to choose from, something for every hobby, interest, and pursuit. Not sure what I mean? Here are some examples! These are 8 cute cell phone charms…

1. Blue Panda Cell Phone Charm

Blue Panda Cell Phone Charm

Price: $5.00 at shanalogic.com

Who says all pandas have to be black and white? This little sweetie sure isn’t… and she’s happy to show it! She’s a vibrant hue of blue and would be so cute on your cell phone, don’t you think?

Happy Cloud Cell Phone Charm
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