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5 Things to do Today...

By Meream

1 Get Grillin'

How about some grilled peppers? My sister used to make these. This post by Suburban Grandma just made me realize that I sometimes miss living with my sister.

2 Seek Inspiration

There is nothing like lack of inspiration to make a bad day go worse. Good thing we have this beautiful post by Danni. Read on to find great tips on seeking inspiration.

3 Sleep with a Friend

The stuffed animal type, of course. Trust me, you are never too old to sleep with a stuffed toy. Just make sure you wash it every now and then.

4 Give Blood

But to a vampire lover. Wouldn't that be cool? Well, first, you need to find a vampire. Then become his lover. This is not a one-step activity, I'm afraid.

5 Shop for Your Garden

Buying accessories for the house or yourself is fun but buying them for your garden can be great, too. Here are 5 to get you started.

You have probably read several posts that have given you ideas on what to do today. Share them with us!

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