5 Things Frightful Yet Fun...

By Meream

5 Things Frightful Yet Fun...

1 Creepy Crawlies

Spiders...They are 100% frightful in my book but I know some of you find them fascinating. If you happen to have a garden, familiarize yourself with spiders that probably consider your plants their crib.

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2 Creepy Exes

So you break up with a guy. Somehow, you feel this urge to get back at (NOT WITH) him. In case you want to have a "crazy ex" moment, here are some tips for you.

3 Hanging Creepies

Now would be a great time to start thinking about Halloween decorations. Here are some that you can hang around the house. The owl one is super cute!

4 Creepy Volturi Costume

Twilight will be huge this holiday, costume-wise. Going as Edward or Bella is easy, yeah, but why don't you step it up and be a member of the Volturi?

5 Creepy Runnies

How elegant is this Halloween table runner? I am not a fan of spiders but I can actually bring myself to doing this Halloween project.

It's already October and we're sure there are now lots of Halloween posts up. Share the most fun (yet frightful) posts you've read with us!

Top Photo Credit: The Crafty Cupboard

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LOL.......creepy exes are really frightening.

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