5 Halloween Must-Dos...


5 Halloween Must-Dos...
5 Halloween Must-Dos...

It's not Halloween if you don't carve a pumpkin. If, for some reason, this is your first time to carve one, here are some tips that will surely be helpful.

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Paint Your Face

Not with heavy paint, of course. How about going sexy and classy with this Smashbox set? It's a seductive combination of black and pink that you can't miss.


Halloween is typically all black and dark and well...black. But how about going white this year? Think pale ghosts and chic mummies and skulls. For more tips, check out Coco+Kelley.


To make your Halloween partying more fun, we suggest dressing up as a group. Here are some fantastic suggestions from College Candy. I like the Jersey Shore cast idea.


So you're going as Edward this Halloween. Sure you can rely on white makeup and hair gel to look like him but do you know what would make your act more convincing? If you say random Edward lines. Check out the link for some ideas.

So will you be doing this Halloween? Found posts lately that have given you some ideas? We'd love to hear about them!

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