8 Inexpensive Ideas for a Fun Summer ...


8 Inexpensive Ideas for a Fun Summer ...
8 Inexpensive Ideas for a Fun Summer ...

Summer: The perfect time to get a tan, spend time with your friends, relax in the sun, go to the beach. You can do so much during summer! The only problem with summer is that the more time you spend outside, the more money you might end up spending. So here are 8 inexpensive ideas for a fun summer!

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Go for Long Walks

Go for Long Walks Photo Credit: nardell

Something I love to do is take long walks to insignificant places, whilst looking for new places and beautiful scenery. The only bad point about this is that it gets difficult once winter arrives. Therefore, I attempt to embrace the time in summer that I have to do this activity. So, I gather friends, or my iPod and walk, to anywhere. If I know where I'm going, I change direction.


Spend Time in Your Garden

Spend Time in Your Garden Photo Credit: MaureenShaughnessy (aka MontanaRaven)

The best thing about spending time in your garden is that you can read, listen to music, even dance around like a maniac and nobody will know what you're up to. You can invite friends over, have barbecues, bounce on a trampoline... the possibilities are endless... and it's FREE!


Go to the Beach!

Go to the Beach! Photo Credit: Sator Arepo

There's such a warm atmosphere on the beach, once the sea air hits you, you will feel refreshed, happy and young again. Plus, everybody on the beach is so relaxed. It's most probably the only place that can inhabit over 3,000 people and stay in harmony. The beach is open to everyone; friends, family... all of your loved ones, and that is why it is great for summer.


Go to Your Local Swimming Baths

Go to Your Local Swimming Baths Photo Credit: isayx3

Swimming is so much fun, especially when you're with your friends. You can dive in the water, swim, paddle, even splash. Plus, you don't have to be afraid you'll get stung by jellyfish. It's affordable and fun!


Spend Time with Friends

Spend Time with Friends Photo Credit: Jazzy Lemon

It's summer! You should be outside all the time, spending time with your friends. Nothing can make you feel happier faster than a bunch of good friends. You have more memories to make everyday!


Appreciate Nature

Appreciate Nature Photo Credit: Ronaldo F Cabuhat

When I go outside, I lay for hours, just watching the sky. I think about things, my life, my future,watch clouds, aeroplanes, trees and I admire flowers. Summer brings out the color in everything, and I love it simply because admiring nature is my favorite past-time.


Buy Summery Clothes

Buy Summery Clothes Photo Credit: beth retro

Take this opportunity to buy some new clothes and prance around town in pretty dresses and skirts. Summer is host to the best clothes, so, go work the sidewalk like it's your own catwalk.


Go on an Adventure

Go on an Adventure Photo Credit: awlyons

In the hours you have left; go on a little adventure. Go anywhere! Amongst trees, flowers, beaches. Anywhere you can find! Go and explore. Re-live your childhood!

Nobody seems to realize the opportunity summer has to hold, you can do anything. Dance, sing, hug people. Explore places, crawl in the grass, play hide and seek. The world is your oyster. Now, get out there and try out my inexpensive ideas for a fun summer! Or do you have a few ideas of your own to share?

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Hi i love your web.. very interesting, fun and useful things to read here.. But i have one thing that i would like to mention in your benefit that i just read about things you can do in autum, and there was an paragraph that said take long walks as in summer you can not do so for the fact that its too hot.. and now im reading 10 ideas for a fun summer and came across the articale that also said take long walks as you do youreself and anjoy it as you cannot Do so in winter which puts in the autumn as well.. im sure you can see the mistake as well.. also excuse my spelling im not british but i do love reading this site.. wish you lots of success.. best wishes.. Lisa :)

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