7 Things to do Each Morning ...


7 Things to do Each Morning ...
7 Things to do Each Morning ...

Each morning is the start of a brand-new day, a day when anything fabulous can happen! So why not start it right? We all have our morning regimens, things we like to do every morning, but sometime our routines need a little shaking up! Here’s my list of 7 things to do each morning…

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Skin Regimen with SPF

Skin Regimen with SPF Photo Credit: laurenlemon

Create or just refresh your morning skin care regimen, complete with a scrub or wash, moisturizer or toner, and definitely an SPF lotion, depending on what your skin needs. Taking the time to do this each morning will give you a sense of control, and will definitely lead to healthier skin!


Sex, if You Have Time!

Studies have shown that hormone levels peak each morning for men and women alike, and that having sex in the morning can lead to a day with less stress. Plus it feels great! Can you think of a better way to wake up? It’s much better than the blare of alarm clock…



By the end of a busy day, most of us just don’t have the energy for a workout. Why not workout in the morning instead? That way you’ll be sure to squeeze it into the day, and you’ll start your day with vigor and energy to spare! Dos jumping through a hula hoop count? Why not?


Eat Breakfast

Your mother was right — breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, even if you’re dieting. Studies have shown that kids who eat breakfast do better in school, and grown-ups who eat breakfast have more energy and a happier outlook. And besides, cereal is delicious! Add a piece of fruit and you’re set!


Plan the Day

Plan the Day Photo Credit: laurenlemon

Take a few minutes to make a plan for the day. What do you need to get done, and what can wait? Make sure you don’t try to put too much into one day, or you’ll just feel frustrated and under-accomplished. Instead, only try to get done what you know you can… the rest can wait!


Pack Your Lunch

Pack Your Lunch Photo Credit: laurenlemon

If you pack a lunch and take it with you, you’ll know what you’re eating, and it’s bound to be better and healthier than anything you’ll grab at the last minute. It also saves a lot of money!


Make You Bed before You Leave

Make You Bed before You Leave Photo Credit: laurenlemon

Before you leave for the day, spend three minutes to make your bed and tidy your room. You’ll be surprised what a big difference this makes once you get home. Who wants to have to straighten sheets and tidy a room right before bed?

These are the things I make sure to do in my morning ritual, and once in a while, I like to throw in something new, like yoga or a whitening treatment for my teeth. What do you do each morning? How do you like to start your day? Please let me know

Top Photo Credit: laurenlemon

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Morning sex is the best! :D

Great article! Must try all.


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