10 Ways to Holiday at Home ...


10 Ways to Holiday at Home ...
10 Ways to Holiday at Home ...

We all need a break, but with the credit crunch it’s harder and harder to afford a holiday these days. So what do you do if you don’t have the financial means or the time to get away? Holiday at home, of course! This is easier if you live in a city, but wherever you are, there are plenty of ways to turn your home into a holiday destination …

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Book a few days off work and do … nothing. Sleep late, do yoga, laze in the garden or the park, read all day, watch trashy TV … whatever you want.


Shop Til You Drop

One of the pleasures of holidays is shopping for mementos of your trip. So have a day of browsing the stores. Spend the whole day wandering from shop to shop and enjoy a relaxed lunch. Just don’t spend as much as you would have done on a holiday!


Country Walks

Country Walks Photo Credit: PatrickSmithPhotography

If you live somewhere more rural, then get out into the countryside and enjoy the fresh air and scenery. Take your camera, snap the views, and enjoy the peace and quiet.


Town Trails

Town Trails Photo Credit: Attract Marketing

Many towns and cities offer free or cheap leaflets with routes for walks. You might well see something that you have missed – even after 3 years in Spain, I am still spotting things that I haven’t noticed before. So visit the tourist office or library, grab a leaflet and start walking!


Guided Walks

Do you think you know everything there is to know about your town or city? Join a guided walk and you might find out something new. Or you can amuse yourself by pointing out things that the guide doesn’t know, and correcting them if they get it wrong.


Spa Day

Spa Day Photo Credit: aggiecarrie

Spa breaks are very expensive, so why not try a cheaper version? Book yourself in at a local salon for a half or full day of treatments. Most offer a special package with a combination of treatments at a reduced price.


Be a Tourist

Be a Tourist Photo Credit: moonjazz

How would you spend the day if you were on holiday? Museum in the morning, beach/park in the afternoon, dinner and a stroll in the evening … Do exactly that, just in your own town.



Discovery Photo Credit: Michael Heilemann

Part of the fun of being on holiday is investigating new places. So choose an area in your town that you don’t know well, and spend an afternoon exploring it. Stroll around, take the time to look at everything, and see what you can discover. Maybe a new shop or restaurant …?


Take a Class

Try out a new skill, and take a half or full day class in pottery, dressmaking, cooking, tango, abseiling … whatever you fancy doing. You’ll have fun, get a break and maybe meet some new friends as well.



Museums Photo Credit: .: Philipp Klinger :.

Whether your town has dozens of world-class museums, or one tiny little specialist museum only open once a month for 2 hours, go visiting. Take your time wandering around and looking at everything. Go to a talk, take a tour, or be your own guide. Just have fun!

So I hope I have shown you that there are lots of ways to ‘holiday at home’. You needn’t miss out entirely if you can’t have a proper vacation! What ideas can you add?

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I love the do nothing idea! It's actually pretty hard work :D

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