11 Reasons Why You Might Be Having a Headache ...


Headache – one of the most common uncomfortable feelings that everyone had experienced at least once in their life.

It’s OK if you have it once or twice a year, it's inevitable if you did not sleep enough for the last couple of weeks or you are coming down with a cold or you had a lot of stress previously.

But if you have a headache 2-3 times a week and consider it normal – don't, cause ... it's not!

If you just keep taking pain medication without thinking why you get the headache you might make things worse, because by covering symptoms you are not solving the problem that causes it. The problem remains the same and even continues to grow.

So here are several basic reasons why you have a headache, so that you know what causes it:

1. Toxins Build up

Most headaches start because of toxins overload which decreases amount of oxygen in the brain cells. Any pain is always the signal of low oxygen in the area. Some medications can even cause headache as a side effect.

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Food or Seasonal Allergy
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