14 Recent Celebrity Looks- Love It or Hate It?


14 Recent Celebrity Looks- Love It or Hate It?
14 Recent Celebrity Looks- Love It or Hate It?

Let's play a little game, shall we? The rules of the game are simple. I show you recent photos of celebrities spotted here and there...wearing this and that. All you have to do is tell me which ones make you go crazy with envy and which ones make you want to pluck your eyes out. Alright then...Get...Set...Go!

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Kylie Minogue

Kylie was seen wearing these pair of oh-so-fun white shorts at the St Pancras International station. She really knows how to travel in style huh? And then there are my oversized sweatshirts and "travel pants". I need me some of that high waisted goodness!

My verdict: Love it!
Kylie Minogue See all photos of Kylie Minogue in white shorts


Jessica Alba in Dior

Look who looked deliciously feminine in a floral Christian Dior strapless number at the Dior fashion show in Paris. The weave belt and white Dior sunglasses complete the dress making it look effortlessly summery.

My verdict: J'adore!
Jessica Alba in Dior See all photos of Jessica Alba in Dior


Jessica Alba in Chanel

Of course, no one...not even Jessica Alba gets it right every time. I do love that Chanel dress but paired with that red belt and the black shoes (It doesn't matter that they are Louboutins) and that hair-do (or lack of it) make me go why Alba why?!

**My verdict: **I guess everyone's allowed one faux pas.
Jessica Alba in Chanel See all photos of Jessica Alba in Chanel


Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth wore a gorgeous Versace gown to to Elton John’s annual White Tie and Tiara Ball with her trademark thigh high split and excessive cleavage. Is this where Blake Lively gets her inspiration from?

My verdict: I'm not saying Liz doesn't look gorgeous but no one likes a one trick pony.
Elizabeth Hurley See all photos of Elizabeth Hurley in Versace


Natalia Vodianova

Sometimes the romantic deep inside me can't help but fall in love with ruffles. In fact, the more the merrier! I think Natalia looks absolutely stunning in this strapless nude Valentino mini dress. The only thing I'd probably change are those shoes. They're just a little boring, don't you think?

**My verdict: **As my sister would type, "<3 <3 <3!"
Natalia Vodianova See all photos of the Valentino Fall/Winter Show.


Ashley Greene in Azzaro

I have been following Ashley Greene's looks for a while and she almost always seems to go for something too old for her. Case in point: this full sleeved Azzaro Pre-Fall 2010 dress that she wore to the Belgium premiere of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. You're 23 Ashley and you have a long way before you need to resort to matronly dresses like this. Stick to younger looks please?

**My verdict: **Ashley Greene and Liz Hurley should exchange dresses.
Ashley Greene in Azzaro See all photos of Ashley Greene in Azzaro.


Ashley Greene in Michael Kors

Case in point 2: This Michael Kors look she sported at a photocall in Madrid. What makes it worse is that hideous hairstyle!

**My verdict: **Fire your stylist. Also send your hairstylist back to whatever era he/she came from.
Ashley Greene in Michael Kors See all photos of Ashley Greene in Michael Kors.


Bryce Dallas Howard

I'm so excited about watching Bryce in the newest installment of the Twilight series. Something tells me she's going to be fabulously evil in the movie....almost as fabulous as she looks in this Christian Dior lemon gown at the premiere at L.A. And I'm not even a fan of yellow!

My verdict: Red hair+ gorgeous yellow gown= divine!
Bryce Dallas Howard See all photos of The Eclipse Premiere in L.A


Marion Cotillard

Is that a bed sheet, a curtain or just one heck of a fugly dress? Actually it could serve as any of the three but at the premiere of Inception in London, Marion chose to wear it as a dress with even uglier shoes.

My verdict: Excuse me while I try to erase this from my memory forever.
Marion Cotillard See all photos of the Inception premiere in London.


Megan Fox

When I first saw Megan in this custom made Armani Privé red silk charmeuse cocktail mini dress at the premiere of Jonah Hex, I thought she looked spectacular! The dramatic red against the pale white of her skin creates a delicious combination that is hard not to like. But the more I stared, the more I realized that perhaps the makeup is a bit much, no?

**My verdict: Go easy on the makeup hun. You are far too pretty to need all those layers of makeup. Besides, it's going to do little to hide/change the words that end up coming out of your mouth. **
Megan Fox See all photos of the Jonah Hex Premiere.


Jared Leto

I almost did not recognize Jared in this "Back to the future" kind of look at the Dior fashion show in Paris. Although there is a certain fierceness to this trench, baggy jeans, moon boots and fauxhawk look, I really miss my old Jared with jet black hair, eyeliner and mysterious, dark brooding eyes.

My verdict: I don't care what the world says. I want my old Jared back!
Jared Leto See all photos of the Dior fashion show in Paris


Robert Pattinson

Surprise Surprise! Guess who finally managed to evoke a lustful gawk from me. None other than Rob Pattinson aka annoying Vampire Boy himself! He showered, shaved and looked absolutely delicious in this maroon Gucci suit at the L.A premiere of The Eclipse. Taylor who?

My verdict: He cleans up GOOD!
Robert Pattinson See all photos of The Eclipse premiere in L.A.


Leighton Meester in Chanel

I love me some Leighton but I really want to know what she was thinking wearing this Chanel long-sleeved leather dress. With the current heat wave in Paris, it looks downright uncomfortable and super duper hot (for all the wrong reasons).

My verdict: Again, everyone is allowed one faux pas.
Leighton Meester in Chanel See all photos of Leighton Meester in Chanel.


Leighton Meester in Oscar De La Renta

Spotted. Queen B in a gaspworthy, GORGEOUS Oscar de la Renta Vermillion Silk Organza gown while filming Gossip Girl in Paris. It's been a while since I've seen a dress this divine and believe me when I say I'd kill for it. Of course, no one can do it as much justice as our darling Blair me thinks.

My verdict: I'm too busy falling in love to give a verdict on this one. Go away. Shoo!
See all photos of Leighton Meester in Oscar de la Renta.
Leighton Meester in Oscar De La Renta My favorite look has to be Leighton Meester's Oscar de la Renta dress. Can't wait to see how gorgeous it looks onscreen! And my least favorite has to be Marion Cotillard's curtain dress. What about you? Btw, if you've spotted any extraordinary looks (good or bad) on celebs lately, do leave me a link below...

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at the last one wats with the flats it thows the whole look off

I want my old Jared back too x)

I dont think Jessica Alba could ever do any wrong in fashion...she is so adorable and sexy at the same time! Love both of her looks here! :)

Lovely outfits. =)

Marion Cotillard looks like she is wearing a table cloth!

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