12 Things to Have in Your Make-up Bag ...


I don’t know about you, but I haven’t sorted my make up bag out in years, so I decided to do it this weekend. I was so shocked at how nasty some of the old eyeshadows were, I revamped my entire make up bag. Is it about time you did the same? Old make up can be really bad for your skin, and no one wants to carry more then they need, so here’s my list of the top ten things you need in your make up bag...

1. A Foundation Brush

A Foundation Brush

Photo Credit: incurable_hippie

I must admit, I’ve always applied my foundation with my fingers. I don’t wear it often, so when I do, I just grap a fingerful and rub it in! And I thought it looked fine... until I tried using a brush! Surprisingly, the right brush will give you the most natural look possible, and make sure you get just the right amount of foundation too. It also means your foundation is always the same thickness!

A Concealer Brush
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