10 Must-Have Home Accessories ...

Getting the house all set up and organized is a common occurrence all over the world, sort of a rite of passage. I find that there are some accessories that really need to have a place in all houses. I've listed the top ten below. I've also provided the price and location for each item. So many of these make the home an amazing place to hang out for entertainment, too!

10. Scented Candles

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Relaxing Aromatherapy Candle with Lavender and Tangerine
Price: $18.50 at following link
Comment: I just love the way scented candles can completely change the feel of a room. The candle themselves give off a level of light that is very soothing. When this light form is then combined with scent, the overall effect is amazing. I enjoy setting them on the bathroom sink while I take a bubble bath at the end of a seemingly endless day. What perfect closure before bedtime!

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