10 Most Fashionable Marc Jacobs Accessories ...

Are you still looking for stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, or just a little something fun for yourself? I know I am — ALWAYS! If you’re going to stuff a stocking, or give a gift, it might as well be fun, funky, and stylish… right? These ten Marc Jacobs accessories would be the most fashionable gifts… maybe you ought to pick up a few for yourself, too. You’ve been good this year!

1. Marc Jacobs Charm Necklace

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Price: $16 at marcjacobs.com
My mother has this amazing charm bracelet she’s been adding to since she was a girl. This charm necklace is an updated version of her charm bracelet, brass-plated and with seven custom three-charm sets to choose from. There’s Shade, I Love New York, Knock Out, Pirate Ship, Paris Je T’Aime, Lucky, and All-Star. All of them are super-cool… which one do you want?

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