8 Adorable Custom Checks ...


8 Adorable Custom Checks ...
8 Adorable Custom Checks ...

I hate writing checks (because it means I’m spending money on something boring, like the electric bill) but I love writing checks (because I get to see my cute checks again)! If you face this dilemma every time you write a check, then we have a lot in common! Adorable custom checks can make the difference. If you’re looking for a new set of bank checks, look no further! Here’s my list of 8 super-cute custom checks…

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Hello Kitty Checks

Hello Kitty Checks Price: $13.99 at secure.checksinthemail.com
I love Hello Kitty, and I want everyone to know! Each time I write a check, I smile, and I can imagine the people who see the checks smile too! This set has four adorable designs… one of Hello Kitty with an apple, one of her in an airplane, one of her with her big red bow, and one with three little bluebirds. My favorite is the bluebird one.


Happi Checks

Happi Checks Price: $13.99 at secure.checksinthemail.com
If you like Dena Fishbein’s bright, colorful designs, you’ll love these checks! There are four designs in the set, all featuring her whimsical drawings. I love the two designs with the birds, especially the ones with the owls on them!


Skulls Checks

Skulls Checks Price: $10.99 at secure.checksinthemail.com
These super-cute skulls-and-crossbones have nothing in common with the rough and dirty ones that pirates use. These checks would be perfect for an emo, goth, or indie girl. They feature four cute little skulls with pretty pink bows on four different pink backgrounds. I love the ones with the stripes!


Botanical Checks

Botanical Checks Price: $10.99 at secure.checksinthemail.com
Floral is very on-trend right now, and once you see these gorgeous checks, it’s not hard to see why! The colors are vibrant and the floral patterns are very graphic and almost deco. The set has four different designs… I love the ferns and the big peony!


Disney’s the Aristocats Marie Checks

Disney’s the Aristocats Marie Checks Price: $13.99 at secure.checksinthemail.com
I loved this movie when I was a little girl, and of course, Marie was my favorite! I love her sweet blue eyes and of course, her cute little pink bow! This set also has four different designs — Drama Kitty, Simply Irresistible, Lil Sweetie and Miss Meow… cute!


Let It Bee Checks

Let It Bee Checks Price: $13.99 at secure.checksinthemail.com
Every gardener loves bees… including me! These checks feature four little bees, buzzing about their business on four different backgrounds. I love the honeybee hive design… but the others are really cute, too!


M&M’s Valentines Checks

M&M’s Valentines Checks Price: $13.99 at secure.checksinthemail.com
I love M&M’s candies, and I love Valentines, so I love these checks! Our four favorite M&M personalities appear on these checks, along with their romantic sentiments. I like Miss Green and Yellow the best… but I wouldn’t say no to any of them!


At the Beach Checks

At the Beach Checks Price: $10.99 at secure.checksinthemail.com
It’s summer, and what better ay to celebrate the season than a trip to the beach? If you can’t make it in person, take an imaginary trip with these checks… there are four designs in this set. Collect sand dollars, admire a bunch of bright seahorses, stop and smell the hibiscus flowers, or count the starfish. I like the sand dollars best!

There are so many cute checks to choose from, I don’t know which to order! I’m leaning toward the Hello Kitty checks again, but I might try something new… which of these do you like best? Or do you use other cute checks? Please let me know!

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