8 Adorable Custom Checks ...

I hate writing checks (because it means I’m spending money on something boring, like the electric bill) but I love writing checks (because I get to see my cute checks again)! If you face this dilemma every time you write a check, then we have a lot in common! Adorable custom checks can make the difference. If you’re looking for a new set of bank checks, look no further! Here’s my list of 8 super-cute custom checks…

1. Hello Kitty Checks

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Price: $13.99 at secure.checksinthemail.com
I love Hello Kitty, and I want everyone to know! Each time I write a check, I smile, and I can imagine the people who see the checks smile too! This set has four adorable designs… one of Hello Kitty with an apple, one of her in an airplane, one of her with her big red bow, and one with three little bluebirds. My favorite is the bluebird one.

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