10 Gorgeous Items to Wish for This Christmas ...


10 Gorgeous Items to Wish for This Christmas ...
10 Gorgeous Items to Wish for This Christmas ...

Have you been good this year? I’m positively sure you have and that you’ll both give and receive many presents this Christmas. But, why not put together a wish list to help you determine what you like and what you need? Okay, it doesn’t have to start with “Dear Santa”, I know we’re not kids anymore but still, a short list of your desired items can’t hurt… especially when you’re grown enough to be your own Santa. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

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Michael Kors IPhone Case

Michael Kors IPhone Case Price: $79.95 at gifts.com
Wish it if: You are a fashion&tech freak
Most people won’t even think about buying you a new iPhone case, believe me on that one! If you have an iPhone, you certainly have a case, so why would anybody take the risk of buying you something you already have. However, iPhone cases are like bags, you can never have just one. So, here’s a stylish wallet-size iPhone clutch you can treat yourself with after the Christmas or if you have some money left over from your Christmas shopping.


Oscar De La Renta Robe

Oscar De La Renta Robe Price: $74.00 at shop.nordstrom.com
Wish it if: You think anytime is a good time to look like a lady
Is this a dress or a robe? It certainly looks like both! I always need a piece like this one and I always remember that when I’ve already spent my shopping money! So, if you already have tons of clothes, shoes, gadgets and jewelry pieces, do give it some thought. Now excuse me while I close my eyes and focus on this item – maybe my subliminal message will find its way to my fiancé’s mind.


The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe

The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe Price: $17.98 at gifts.com
Wish it if: You love Poe’s work
Poe, Dickens and Orwell, you have these three authors to blame for having me here. Lol! The desire to read their works in the original, non-translated form is what kept me motivated to learn English and start writing. So, if you are a dedicated Poe fan like me, you’d certainly love to have all his works at hand…And you’ll have no problem deciding on what to read… Nevermore!


Endless Color Blockbuster

Endless Color Blockbuster Price: $48.00 at sephora.com
Wish it if: You are a makeup artist in training
With 98 eye shadow colors, 70 lip gloss shades, eyeliners, lip liners and mascaras, this set is a perfect gift if you are practicing to become a professional make-up artist or you just love to do make-up and make-up tutorials for fun. Shaped like a Sephora bag, the set opens to reveal multiple retractable compartments with all the shades you’ll ever need on your classes. No leakages and broken eye shadows everywhere, plus you won’t have to starve yourself trying to save hundreds of dollars to buy separate make-up pieces you’ll use on your classes only.


Kindle Wireless Reader

Kindle Wireless Reader Price: $139.00 at gifts.com
Wish it if: You are an environmentally conscious book fan
Going green and trying to cut down on paper usage doesn’t mean you have to give up all your favorite books. But, what am I talking about – I’m sure you know that and that you already have an E-version of all of your fav books. That’s why I’m suggesting this little gadget to make your reading experience even better. I know nothing beats the musky smell of a paper version but this easy-to-take-anywhere reader sure makes me want to forget flipping through pages and start clicking!


Forever Young Diamond Ring

Forever Young Diamond Ring Price: $250.00 at shanalogic.com
Wish it if: You know every diamond is unique
Yup, natural diamonds are one of the most unique things on this world – just like people! There are of course, some totally flawless ones but most of them have a tiny flaw or two and it’s those flaws that make them so special and unique. Maybe there is somebody out there that thinks you should finally grow up and accept the fact that you will never be 7 again? Well, I have to disagree with that opinion because children are the best people and that why we should always try to keep a little bit of that childish playfulness, their hope and trust and the ability give unconditional love. So, you can certainly go out and buy a generic, grown-up looking ring for this money but that wouldn’t be fun, wouldn’t it?


Cressi Woman’s Snorkeling Set

Cressi Woman’s Snorkeling Set Price: $59.99 at sportsauthority.com Wish it if: Snorkeling is what you like to do for fun

“… Under the sea, under the sea, darling, it’s better, down there it’s wetter, take it from me…” The Little Mermaid did wish for a pair of legs and ended up with a hot stud on the dry land, but the sea will always remain in her heart. So, if you are the one who loves to keep in touch with what’s going on under the sea, Don’t wait until summer to get new, girly snorkeling equipment!


Caffeine Molecule Silver Necklace

Caffeine Molecule Silver Necklace Price: $84.99 at thinkgeek.com
Wish it if: You are a chemistry teacher, chemistry student or a proud caffeine-junkie

Professors personalize their offices, students personalize their notebooks, backpacks and studying space and true coffee fans have a special spice to personalize their coffee! But, why not personalize your jewelry, too? Minimalistic design in sterling silver plus sleek, shiny finish, plus an original pendant shaped like caffeine molecule equals long lasting, creative and unique piece of jewelry. And, if you are single, it might just get you a cute chemist too!


The Hookup Purse Hanger

The Hookup Purse Hanger Price: $40.00 at gifts.com
Wish it if: You love your purses
No purse of mine will ever be left lying on the floor! No matter how big it is! If you are superstitions you would probably want to heat that some people think leaving your purse on the floor brings bad luck in the finances department. So, if leaving it on the floor means we’ll experience financial problems and hanging it on the chair puts us in the risk of being robbed, why not hang it? The heart bends into an S shape to hook it on and, when you’re done using it just turn it back and it will become a great, heart shaped bag pendant.


Your Own Romance Novel

Your Own Romance Novel Price: $34.95 at gifts.com
Wish it if: You know you are a star
Provide some info about you and your partner like: eye color, hair color, names, favorite food, music and lingerie and sit tight while your own romance novel is being written! No need to try to picture yourself and your loved one as the main characters because you will actually BE the ones involved in the plot. Amazing!

Whoa! I guess I’ll need a fortune if I want to be my own Santa, huh? But, tell me, how do you like these items and what do you think about buying presents for yourself? Would you include your name on the Christmas gift-shopping list or leave it to others to buy you presents?

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I like the robe by Oscar de la Renta. But $74 for a robe? I might not want to take it off!

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