7 Ways to Make Cheap Gifts Look Chic ...

Iโ€™ve found many great deals when trying to find something nice for a friendโ€™s birthday or other special occasions. Cheap gifts can be dressed up with a little extra time and effort. Itโ€™s amazing at how much can be done by using these 7 ways to make cheap gifts look chic. Try out at least a couple of the techniques mentioned in my list and see what you think. You might be pleasantly surprised at the outcome!

7. Add Some Jewels

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Bedazzling items donโ€™t always make them look chic, but a few rhinestones or crystals can create a more elegant look for most things. Old buttons can be taken off of a cheap sweater and replaced with some shiny crystals. Jewels can be glued on to a plain candle holder for some additional flair. As inexpensive as rhinestones are, they can really spice up a number of different gifts with very little effort.

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