17 Obvious Signs of Cheating ... is He a Cheater?


Every woman needs to know these obvious signs of cheating.


Well, no relationship is foolproof, least of all a marriage.

And sometimes, when you've been with each other for so long, trouble may show its ugly face in the form of an extramarital affair.

If and when that happens, you need to be prepared...starting off with knowing how to identify these 17 obvious signs of cheating...

1. His Looks

His Looks

So your husband has always been one of those guys who never bothered looking into the mirror more than once, never tucked in his shirt unless he had to, never cared that his socks were smelly, never wore deodorant unless you begged him to, but suddenly there's a metamorphosis.

There are new clothes, haircuts, new shoes, maybe even a manicure and pedicure!

Now, there's nothing wrong with taking care of yourself and wanting to look good, but when it's an overnight change, when you literally wake up to realize that your former slob of a husband has suddenly started to make a serious effort in the looks department, something is definitely brewing.

2. Overtime at Work

Overtime at Work

In all possibility, your poor husband could be working overtime just so that he can afford that necklace you wanted for your birthday or maybe there are other reasons for him to stay out of the house.2

Has something been bothering him at home?2

Has your relationship been very stressful of late?

Have you spoken to him about it?

Never assume that just because he's staying late at work, he's cheating.

But if you have ruled out other options and can't see any other reasons for why he's unreachable at work, the unexplained meetings and sudden business trips, it's time to find out what's happening.

The simplest way to find out the truth?

Check his salary stub.

If he has indeed been working overtime, his salary stub will show it.

So get a hold of it and you might just be able to catch him cheating on you.

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