3 Tips to Make Time for Myself


It is hard for me to believe the number of times I hear my friends say they lock themselves in the bathroom for ten to twenty minutes just to have a little alone time.

I’m sorry but bonding with the toilet is not quality alone time.

I agree that having time to yourself is important for any women.

Making that time can be difficult especially when you are balancing family life, commitments, work, and everything else under the big blue sky.

The question isn’t what you would do with a little extra time, but how to find the extra time.

1. As a Part of Running Errands ...

As a Part of Running Errands ...

When I leave the house to go to the grocery store or run other errands I make a stop at a local coffee shop.2

I take the time to go inside and get my coffee and spend time reading a magazine.

It’s a break that may only last 15 minutes before I have to head on with my real task, but if nothing more it is a break.

After My Child Goes to Bed ...
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