7 Hottest Young Hollywood Actresses ...


They are beautiful, famous, talented and… in their twenties!

I must admit I was a bit worried and even sad to see so many new faces but then I thought about it and realized the new generation of celebrities isn’t half bad!

So, instead of discussing guys, let’s talk about girls for a change and here’s my list of 7 hottest young Hollywood actresses that are yet to show just how talented they are:

1. Annalynne McCord

Annalynne McCord

She got all the doctors drooling after her in Nip/Tuck, made a very memorable appearance in Transporter 2 and scored the role of Naomi (the new Kelly-type character) in the new version of 90210 so, if that’s not enough to convince you that she should be on this list, I don’t know what is.

This Hollywood hottie is only 24 which means we’ll definitely get to see her more of her in the future!

2. Emma Watson

Emma Watson

Emma Watson has grown up into one beautiful young lady and I really, really hope we’ll get to see her more often!2

Very talented, beautiful and totally stylish, Emma is yet to achieve her full potential and I have no doubt that, one day, she’ll get her very own star in the Hollywood Boulevard.

Don’t believe me?

Well, let’s just wait and see!

3. Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried

If you loved her in Mamma Mia, Jennifer’s Body and Letters to Juliet you’re up for a treat as she’s playing the lead in a new movie called Red Riding Hood that’s said to be the best fantasy since Twilight!

This stunning 24 year old has been waiting for her big moment for years and it finally came back in 2008 when she got to play one of the lead roles in Mamma Mia!, the comedy/musical I personally enjoyed very much.

Kristen Stewart
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