8 Signs Your Ex Still Has Feelings for You ...


Does your ex still have feelings for you?

You know if you have feelings for your ex or not, but it may be hard to tell if he has feelings for you.

I am going to give you 8 signs your ex still has feelings for you …

8. He Tries to Talk to You

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If your ex is constantly trying to talk to you, then this may be a red flag.

He is either really obsessed with you or he would like to get together for you.

Either way, he still has feelings for you.2

You can either acknowledge this or deny it.

7. He Sends You Emails to Ask You How You’re Doing

He Sends You Emails to Ask You How You’re Doing

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This is actually a good sign that he still has feelings with you.

He wants to know if you are doing okay.

Generally, if a person does not care about the other, they will no ask how they are doing.

6. He Asks Your Close Friends about You

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Your close friend has recently approached you and told you that your ex was just asking about you.

Perhaps this is a pretty good sign that in there somewhere, there are still feelings for you.2

5. He is Happy to do You Favors

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Whenever he sees something that needs to be done, he offers to do it for you.

He does not complain about doing it and comes out of nowhere to ask you.2

When he learns that you are sick in bed, he may bring you some chicken noodle soup.

Yes, this would be a good sign that you still has feelings about you.

4. He May Apologize for What He Has Done Wrong

He May Apologize for What He Has Done Wrong

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Now, you know when someone comes out and apologizes, they obviously still care about you – especially when they are constantly doing it.

They are sorry that they hurt you.

If they didn’t care, then they wouldn’t even bother telling you this.

He Suggests He Would Still like to Hang out with You
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