8 Beauty Crimes We Commit without Knowing ...


Okay, so we know that sleeping with make up on isnโ€™t fantastic for the skin, and we should probably not squeeze our spots... but what other beauty crimes are there? Iโ€™ve been reading up on what I should and shouldnโ€™t be doing, and I was really surprised at what I do that Iโ€™m not supposed to... oops! Here are the top eight beauty crimes we commit without knowing... letโ€™s see if we can raise awareness!

1. Moisturizer Overload

Moisturizer Overload

Photo Credit: bitca

Moisturizer is good for the skin, right? I lather myself in the stuff, it makes me all soft... but too much isnโ€™t good for you. Instead of looking rosy and soft, youโ€™ll look greasy, shiny and sweaty, and your make up wonโ€™t apply properly... oops! To use the right amount, avoid putting it over your T zone, or limit yourself to using a fingerful.

Conditioner Chaos
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