7 Unusual Ways to Spice Things up in Bed ...


Are you in need of spicing up that love life?

Is your relationship starting to feel a bit routine?

Is it running dry?

Do you miss those early days and now you are wondering what happened?

You are in luck, because I am going to tell you 7 unusual ways to spice things up in bed…

7. Blindfold Your Partner

Blindfold Your Partner

Photo Credit: Jan Blok

If you want to spice things up in bed a bit, then try the blindfolding adventure.

There are many dimensions in sexual pleasures and one of the more important sexual organs would be the brain.

Hindering this sense will be pleasurable.

6. Give Instructions

Give Instructions

Photo Credit: eklektick

You may think you know how to please your partner in every way imaginable.

However, this is rarely true.

There are some things that you have not tried.

Play the “give instructions” game.

Allow him or her to give you instructions and tell you what to do when you are in bed.

This sounds like fun!

5. A Nice Massage

A Nice Massage

Photo Credit: newskin4life

Having that sensual touch is more than relaxing.

It is very sexy, which is why I have included it on my list.2

When you get a massage, you are increasing the sexual energy flow.

Do you know how a car has a clogged filer?

The fuel (our energy) is not able to quickly get to where it needs to go so that it can run smoothly.

Therefore, the car performs ineffectively and inefficiently.

Think of that like our bodies.

4. Dress up for the Occasion

Dress up for the Occasion

Photo Credit: artemisia.artex

Dressing up for the occasion sounds good!2

This is something that many individuals like doing.

There is definitely some benefits to this one.

This is a fun way to behave differently during sex.

Play a role of someone else during sex can be enjoyable and is a great way to bring new sensations.

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