7 Romantic Ideas for Your Marriage ...


I love being married!

I love my husband and we have a ton of fun together!

He surprises me occasionally with an unexpected gift and I treat him to a backrub every now and then.

Sometimes, though, it’s necessary to kick up the romance a notch or two?2

What do you sneak in every now and then to add a small token of surprise and romance to your marriage?

It’s not always about the big bang, but the little sweet things.

So, here’s to the every day, average, just because I love you surprises!

1. Come Home Different

Come Home Different

Photo Credit: Elios.k

No, not the route you drive, and I don’t mean a make over either.2

Come home, as usual, but instead of opening the door and walking in, as normal.

Ring the doorbell.

When she answers, present her with a bouquet and her favorite drink.

Enjoy it on the front porch before you go in for dinner.

Her Favorite Things
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