7 Cute Jackets for Your Little Girl ...


School started six weeks ago, and already my first-grader has outgrown the coat I bought for back-to-school.

So I’ve been searching for a cute new coat for her, one that’s warm but fashionable, one she can wear for at least the next two months!

Here are 7 cute jackets for your little girl (and mine!)…

1. Justice for Girls Puffer Coat

Justice for Girls Puffer Coat

Price: $64.90 at shopjustice.com

So cute and so toasty warm!

This puffer coat has a detachable hood and comes in every color you can imagine (well, six of them anyway)… choose form white, blue, green, pink, purple, or brown).3

Perfect for afternoons deeply entrenched in a snowball fight…

2. Justice for Girls Fashion Toggle Coat

Justice for Girls Fashion Toggle Coat

Price: $59.90 at shopjustice.com

Which is more chic, plaid or black?

I would say, based on what I’ve seen on the catwalks and in the shops, they’re both very trendy.2

But you and your little princess will have to choose, and with these two adorable coats, it’s not going to be easy!

I prefer the plaid because the bright colors will look so cute with denim… but the basic black is so versatile, too!2

3. Justice for Girls Animal Swing Coat

Justice for Girls Animal Swing Coat

Price: $56.90 at shopjustice.com

This coat is so chic, so luxurious, I wish they made it in my size.

I actually did try one on, since they do come as large as size 16/18… but it was too short.2

Woe is me!

But… my little girl looks adorable in it, especially with her tall black boots and cute flannel jumper.

4. Justice for Girls Party Coat with Bow

Justice for Girls Party Coat with Bow

Price: $59.90 at shopjustice.com

I once had a jacket very much like this, only without the chic bow.3

This would be so perfect for wearing over dresses at Thanksgiving or Christmas, or even just for dressy little girl birthday parties!

Best of all, it’s machine washable, which is a must with little girl’s clothes.

Justice for Girls Motorcycle Jacket
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