30 Best Inexpensive Gifts for Women ...


The holidays are fast approaching, and I bet a few ideas on the best inexpensive gifts for women would be a lifesaver right now!

After all, what are the holidays without gifts, right?

I love to get all the ladies in my life something small yet thoughtful, but it can get expensive!

Not to mention all the men in my life after the women...2

So, I’ve picked out my favorite twenty gifts for women that are wonderful yet not too expensive, that are better than the best flowers you can get, and yet not as taxing as jewelry...

1. Handmade Jewelry …


I love getting one-of-a-kind pieces for gifts.

It really tells the person you’re buying them for that they’re special and unique!

And it's not hard to find a good deal on handmade jewelry, like this amazing Turquoise Dreams Recycled Necklace.

It is made up of silver chain turquoise beads and vintage glass beads and has a gorgeous turquoise “chunk” as a pendant..

A fun piece for anyone I would think!

Bottle of Wine …
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