12 Most Surprising Fattening Foods ...


By now we all know we’re supposed to be eating foods that are high in fat — especially saturated and trans fat!

— only in moderation.

If you’re trying to lose weight, chances are you’re avoiding high-fat foods altogether.

But sometimes fat is sneaky, showing up in the foods we least expect.

Here are some examples, with their fat content per the manufacturers’ serving sizes…

1. Weight Watchers English Toffee Crunch: 12 G Fat, 10 G Saturated Fat

Whoa, wait a minute!

On one hand, I know anything that says “English Toffee Crunch” is going to have some fat in it, but then on other hand, something that says “Weight Watchers” ought to be low in fat!

How confusing!

These may be lower in fat than other ice cream bars (only by a little), but they’re still VERY high in saturated fat!

Let me say that again… these are VERY high in saturated fat!


Terra Vegetable Chips, Mediterranean: 18 G Fat, 2 G Saturated Fat
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