10 Major Rules for Successful Online Dating ...


My mother met her husband, my step-father, using an online dating service.

So did my friend Liz and my cousin Jacque.

I asked them how they found their Prince Charming using online dating, and here’s what they said…

1. Be Honest

Most important of all, when completing your online dating profile, or corresponding with a potential match, be honest.

Anything misleading you say will only come back and haunt you later.

2. Play It Safe

Never, ever agree to meet someone from th dating site at your home, or anywhere secluded.

Always meet somewhere public, with lots of other people.

And also, run a background check on the person.

In some jurisdictions, it’s free.

3. Follow the Rules

If the online dating site you choose to use has guidelines or rules for contacting a match, follow them.

In the past, men have contacted me outside of the site, which gave me the impression they were cheap, not willing to pay the membership fee to contact me through the site.

Not a good impression!

4. Don’t Overdo It!

Don’t go overboard and correspond with too many potential suitors.2

Pick only a few, and pursue them.

If they don’t work out, select a new batch.

5. Trust Your Instincts

It’s hard to judge a person online or on the phone, but you will still form an instinctual response.

If your instinct tells you to proceed, then go ahead.2

If you just have a bad feeling about someone, don’t feel obligated to continue.

6. Judge a Book by Its Cover!

This is the one time I can recommend judging a book by its cover.

In my view, if someone is using an online dating site, they ought to be trying to put their best foot forward, so feel free to pay attention to visual cues.

Pay Attention
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