Women Who Inspire ...


Women Who Inspire ...
Women Who Inspire ...

Two weeks ago I met and had a conversation with an amazingperson. As a journalist and producer, she goes into war-torn countries andhelps get genuine news -- as opposed to government-sponsored propaganda -- outover the local radio waves. What this woman does every day takes incredible courageand conviction. And honestly, I know I couldn’t handle her job.

But that one conversation I had with her is still inspiring me.

Women’s real-life stories can do that. There are lots offamous, and not-so-famous, extraordinary women out there, accomplishing andsurviving things that blow my little mind. Some of these extraordinary womenI’ve even met through the Internet.

Obviously I love writing about our relationships with men,but on my own time, I also do a lot of thinking about how important women areto each other. So I figured it was time to add another category to this blog.

For now I’m calling that category, “My Sheroes (Women WhoInspire).” I know, I know. “Sheroes” from “heroes”? You probably think the playon words is way too corny for such adignified, informative blog as this. After all, I am making the world of datingand mating safer by comparing men to ice cream flavors, and by discussing the sizeof Jennifer Love Hewitt’s derriere!

Within the new “Sheroes” category, I plan to periodicallyhighlight women (including fellow bloggers…) who are, in their uniqueways, getting something in life very right that might inspire the rest of us.And to be perfectly clear, these women don’t need to be getting everything in life very right. I mean,who can live up to that?

And, of course, the rest of the time I’ll keep writing hereabout ALL the things in our relationships with men that we tend to get so very wrong. Just kidding!

Well, kind of.


To kick this off, here are three women who inspire me forsome reason or another:

**Helen Mirren** (British actress and recent Golden Globe winner)
Because she shows the rest of us how to be smart, elegant, and wicked at any age. And of course, she's an amazing actress.

**Pema Chodron** (Buddhist nun and writer)
Because she’s compassionate, and she knows how to keep it real. And no matter howmany times I refer back to her books, I learn something new.

Kate (My mom)
Because she’s fierce and loyal in the way she loves. And herdesire to learn is limitless.


Feel free to name women from yourpersonal list of sheroes, female role models, or whatever you choose tocall them. They can be alive -- or not -- and real or fictional.

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