99 Most Wanted Women of 2007 ...


99 Most Wanted Women of 2007 ...
99 Most Wanted Women of 2007 ...

Who says women can't be interested in who is "most wanted women"? Some women dress for another women...! If you are interested, you don't have to look for E schedule, we've got it right here! Of course, just for you.

To save your time, we've listed top 10 most wanted women here along with their 2007 career board cast... so enjoy! Yeah... we only go for the good stuff!

10. Elisha Cuthbert

Staying true to her motto of trying new things, Elisha has a trio of films scheduled for release in 2007 that couldn’t possibly be more different from one another. First, Elisha will star in a gritty horror flick that’s been compared to Saw called Captivity, then she'll appear in a romantic comedy based on a hit South Korean film entitled My Sassy Girl. Finally, our No. 10 woman will be seen in He Was a Quiet Man, a quirky drama starring Christian Slater and William H. Macy.

9. Angelina Jolie

Aside from claiming that she and Brad would like to adopt more children from impoverished countries, Angelina is set to grace the silver screen in 2007 in Beowulf and A Mighty Heart. She is also slated to direct the documentary A Moment in the World.

You should know by now that she is my all time favorite. Kinda shock to see her ranking number nine this year.(she was ranking number three from last year.) I guess settle down and giving more attention to your family certainly WILL affect your career. God, she is just amazing though.

8. Maria Menounos

Although Maria can still be seen as a correspondent on NBC, she will continue to pursue her acting career. She already has a role in the feature-length comedy Kickin It Old Skool (2007) with Jamie Kennedy and Vivica A. Fox.

7. Shakira

Shakira has already been nominated for a Grammy for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals for “Hips Don’t Lie.” Also this year, Shakira looks to take her musical success to the silver screen with her Hollywood debut in the movie Dare to Love Me. In the film, Shakira will be playing one of the love interests of the famous tango singer Carlos Gardel.

6. Alessandra Ambrosio

Along with a guaranteed spot donning lingerie in the next Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Alessandra Ambrosio will continue to grace the covers of some of the industry's best-known fashion magazines; to the relief of publishers and men all over the world.

**5. Jessica Biel **

2007 will see Jessica solidify herself as one of the next big names in Hollywood with a little help from some A-list costars. Specifically, she'll be starring alongside Hollywood heavyweights Nicolas Cage and Julianne Moore in Next, and the comedy I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry with Adam Sandler and Kevin James.

She was amount the best dress on Golden Globe this year but earring appeared to be worn by someone else before her... Oops...

4. Adriana Lima

As for 2007, Adriana should continue to appear alongside her fellow Angels, including Heidi Klum, Gisele Bundchen and Alessandra Ambrosio, in insanely hot Victoria’s Secret ad campaigns and fashion shows.

Now the top 3...

3. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba’s career is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, with seven movies coming out or being shot in 2007, including sequels to Sin City and Fantastic Four, one could make the argument that Jessica is the busiest actress working today.

Of course she's gonna be on the list! Not only many men dream about him, many women wants to be her too!

2. Scarlett Johansson

The Nanny Diaries, based on the hit book, casts Scarlett alongside folks like Paul Giamatti, Laura Linney and Chris Evans, while The Other Boleyn Girl -- a historical drama set during the reign of King Henry VIII -- counts Natalie Portman and Eric Bana among its cast members. Scarlett is also hard at work on her first album, Scarlett Sings Tom Waits, which will (as the title implies) consist entirely of Tom Waits covers.

I guess someone is going to be a busy bee.

The title of most wanted women goes to... Beyounce

Beyonce’s stream of good luck from 2006 has already carried over into 2007. The star garnered nominations for some of the most prestigious awards in the industry, including a Golden Globe nomination and multiple Grammy nods.

Is "dream girl" made her a "dreamed girl"? Maybe...

For the complete "99 most wanted women", check out [Via Homepage]
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