WIN a Total Closet Overhaul from Container Store ...


WIN a Total Closet Overhaul from Container Store ...
WIN a Total Closet Overhaul from Container Store ...

Do you have a type "A" friend whose closet looks like the picture here? You see it and feel deficient and speed dial your therapist to stop the inferiority complex from developing. Well, guess what? You can be the envy of all your friends and be the one to say stuff like, "Oh this? This is easy, you just have to have a system to stay organized, yada yada yada." Well, it is true. The only totally organized closet in my house is my daughterโ€™s room because I got it totally fitted with the Container Storeโ€™s elfa system. It is customized to fit your closet exactly and you get to pick out shelves, baskets, drawers, dividers, hanging bars and anything else specifically for the stuff you have in your closet. All those odds and ends? Now there is a place for them, which means more room for your bags!!

For our April giveaway, we are giving away a total closet makeover from the Container Store in Los Angeles, Dallas and New York!! Thatโ€™s right, a total of 3 winners, one from each of these cities (sorry to all those not in these cities!!). Each makeover is worth $2000 and will be customized and personalized by a closet professional just for you! Send us a picture of your disorganized sloppy closet along with why you need this makeover (50 words or less please) to our closet makeover email. Make sure to specify which city you live in. Please submit your entry by April 30th at 11:59pm EST. We will pick finalists to share with everyone on the last week. Bag Snob and the Container Store will make the final decision and choose winners based on the ones who needs the most help. One entry per person please. We will not be able to consider those who do not submit a picture so make sure you attach it in your email.

We would like to give a big huge Thank You to the **Container Store** for sponsoring this amazing giveaway!!

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its very good projected.

i definitely want to have a closet like that!! my closet is always a disaster and aside from it being so small.. i wish i could have that kind of closet..

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