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Top I-don't-wanna-workout Excuses

By Mabelle

We all have this aim of being fit, healthy and all that. But just like going to work, we all seem to like making up excusesto blow off a workout session.

My personal favorite excuse is: I have the cramps - even if I just had my monthly period. I know, I know, I should be committed to an institution which punishes people who do lack the inspiration to stick to their**fitness****routine**!

But we all did it at some point! Here are a few more I-don't-wanna-workout excuses:
I look stupid doing it.
When this excuse is the first thing that comes to mind when you're supposed to do jumping jacks, just think: I'll look even more stupid when I'm all big and bloated because I keep blowing off exercise.

I'm dead tired.
See being dead tired at the end of a working day as a challenge, don't make it an excuse. Just think, you can "test what the human body is capable of" if you still have the energy to workout despite having a really bad day at work. J
It doesn't work anyway!
How the hell can you see results if you keep telling yourself that exercising does not work in the first place? Being leaner, healthier and sexier is something that you can't achieve overnight.

Blow off these exercise blowoff excuses and start sweating it out already!

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