Can Video Games Actually Help You Get Fit?


Can Video Games Actually Help You Get Fit?
Can Video Games Actually Help You Get Fit?

Just yesterday, we had a blog post here at AllWomenStalk about Japan using a Nintendo DS game console to help Japanese **kids learn **English.

It seems like video games are turning into more than just an addicting and impassive way to pass the time. Aside from being a high-tech instrument which kids use as an educational **material, video games are also being groomed to help both kids and adults get **fit.

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It's becomes clear that games can have a positive effect on health, whether by helping to improve kids' fitness levels, or by being used as physical rehabilitation tool for the elderly.

Games are already finding a role at every point along the healthcare chain - training doctors, providing treatment for patients, and strengthening preventative medical efforts.

-BBC News
Take the Wii Fit as an example. This exercise game primarily involves exercise activities like Yoga, strength training, aerobics and balance games such as ski jumping.

It looks like the reputation of video game consoles is slowly but surely improving for the better. Gone are the days when gaming is just an instrument to increase the obesity rate in the country, being the physically inactive activity that it is.

Today, as technology improves, more and more useful applications are being found for the traditional gaming console.

Do you think that these high-tech gadgets can actually help make you or kids more fit?

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